Guess where I'm skateboarding near this old amphitheater

This week's submission comes from local Meta Skateboards rider JJ Jensen, (whom you've also seen in the teaser for Meta's forthcoming video "The Holy Crail" on this blog), and with the video comes a sweet skate swag package from Meta. If can you guess where Jensen is throwing down this backside 5-0, the company will throw you a free shop deck. What's that you say? A free deck? Yup. A free Meta shop deck.

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To enter: Just like "Show and Tell" on Facebook, and comment down below with your guess for the location of the spot. Make sure you include an e-mail address (either in your profile or in the comment itself) so we can contact you if you're the winner. If you guess correctly, we'll hook you up with some fresh new gear from a local company.

By the way, we are always accepting submissions for new spots to showcase -- and new skaters to bust tricks on them. If you've got a suggestion, send submissions to Britt.Chester@Westword.com, and follow him on Twitter at @AwfullyBrittish.

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