Reader: Gypsy House Cafe Is the Best Cafe in Denver

Doniece and Dena Derani talk about plans for Gypsy House Cafe's new location.
Doniece and Dena Derani talk about plans for Gypsy House Cafe's new location. Sarah Anne Farley
Denver's Gypsy House Cafe, a gathering spot for artists, musicians and arts enthusiasts, stood for years at the corner of East13th Avenue and Marion Street. When the building was sold in 2016 and the coffee shop was forced to close, the owners, twin sisters Doniece and Dena Derani, went looking for a new space in a different city. Eventually, though, they returned to Denver, where they found a new home for Gypsy House at 1545 South Broadway.

After Westword shared that story this past week, readers have responded in droves — mostly with enthusiasm.

Daniel writes:
Gypsy House Cafe is the best cafe in Denver, and possibly even Colorado. It broke my heart when the owners of the building sold their old location out from under the family that owned Gypsy House, but I'm thrilled that they're back now. If you've never had the chance to experience Gypsy House, I recommend you go and treat yourself to their amazing Turkish coffee, among other great things on the menu. You'll quickly become a regular.
Cheresa will miss the old spot:
I still see Denver as what it used to be, too. It’s hard to see it as the place it has become.
Malia adds:
I had a dream about this happening a few nights ago. How wild. This makes me so happy.
Joji takes umbrage with the use of the word "Gypsy" in the cafe's name:
Gypsy is a slur.
And owner Doniece Derani replies:
Only if you want it to be. I think Gypsies are exquisite, and out of this world. One love ????.
Read on for more coverage of Gypsy House Cafe.
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