Hamilton Lottery Starts at 11 a.m. Today!

With a little luck, a lottery ticket will let you see Aurora native  Mathenee Treco (left) in the touring cast.
With a little luck, a lottery ticket will let you see Aurora native Mathenee Treco (left) in the touring cast. joan marcus/courtesy
Shut out of Hamilton? Although tickets to Denver performances of the touring show, which starts its run on Tuesday, February 27, sold out quickly, you still have a chance: the Hamilton lottery.

This bargain deal — just $10 for the hottest ticket in town — starts today, February 25, when the lottery for forty orchestra-level seats at that inaugural performance goes live at 11 a.m. The process will be repeated for every performance throughout the run.

Here's how it works: You can register for the lottery using the official app for Hamilton, available for all iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, or at The lottery repeats two days prior to each performance date and closes at 9 a.m. the next day. Winners will be notified about two hours after the close via email or text message, and must purchase their tickets online with a credit card — each winner can buy up to two, at just $10 each — by 4 p.m. the day before the show. And then the tickets can be picked up at will call starting two hours before the performance. (BTW, with new security rules in place, you're going to want to show up around then even if you already have tickets.)

You can only register once for each show's lottery, but you can continue entering the lottery throughout the run, which ends April 1.

Got it? Although Denver is already showing on the app, the lottery site, which covers all current performances of Hamilton around the country and in London, won't show Denver as an option until 11 a.m. Sunday, February 25.

If you don't win the lottery, take heart: Official, full-price tickets have occasionally been popping up at the official site. But beware of scams on third-party sites, and don't even think about selling a lottery ticket if you're lucky enough to win. Here's the word from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts: "Any patrons found to be in violation of our terms may have their tickets canceled. Any canceled seats may be available to the public as we get closer to the engagement. We welcome patrons to check back at at their convenience to purchase any tickets that may be made available."

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