Happy Days the Musical at the Fox in Aurora? Here are five more sitcoms they should do

Soon the Fonz will be singing and prancing in Aurora's Fox Theatre when it brings Happy Days the Musical to life in September (the online poster of the original show is replete with women in curled updos and bouffants and camel-toed hot pants). Sure, it's kinda sad that Henry Winkler's iconic Fonz, the big little man in the leather jacket, is being brought down to municipal-theater levels, but then again, nothing's sacred these days. So let's do it right: Get our top five sitcom adaptations for the Fox's consideration after the jump. Shazbut the Musical Seeing as Mork & Mindy was a spinoff of Happy Days, it stands to reason the show would make a good followup. While Robin Williams can't fill the role of Mork (since he's no longer hooked on coke), we suggest Andy Dick take on the role. Dick or DJ Qualls would also be great as the bumbling prophet Exidor. Dragnet the Musical Though we know Jack Webb can no longer reprise his role as Joe Friday on Broadway and sing a lovely miranda-rights aria in his glorious monotone, we really, really don't want to see Dan Aykroyd reprise the role. Broadway has a huge talent pool to pull from with all the contemporary cop dramas, though. Ice-T? Diff'rent Strokes the Musical With such a sappy, happy-go-lucky theme song, it's screaming for a musical makeover. All that's needed is a good replacement for Arnold, since we lost Gary Coleman this year. The only one that comes to mind is Terry Cox, but while we're sure he does a great "What you talking about, Willis?," we can't really see him in a singing role. Speaking of, Snoop Dogg would make a great Willis. Welcome back Kotter the Musical We can't wait to hear Rorshack, obviously played by Dustin Diamond, sing the theme song. And while John Travolta won't be able to fill the role of Vinnie Barbarino anymore, we're thinking he'd make a great Mr. Kotter. Taxi the Musical Danny DeVito could reprise his role as Louie De Palma, but he might be too tangled up with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Either way, we're thinking based on the reality of grabbing a cab in a major U.S. city, this show needs an international makeover, and we're thinking Bollywood. We'd love to see Laura Prepon, who played Donna in That 70's Show, play Elaine Nardo, and Jim Carrey's already asked to play Latka.
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Chris Meehan
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