Happy New Year: A few artistic resolutions from my FB friends

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I never make resolutions or even expect to be able to stick to one; it's my nature to veer, day-to-day, with the winds and the waves. If I'm hungry, I eat. If I want to be alone, I cocoon. That's just me, but I'm not at all against the idea of others making and keeping their own. So because I'm nosy interested and think artists and people who love the arts in general tend to be just a little more reflective in nature, I asked my artsy Facebook friends to share their resolutions with the world. Some of them even replied, and they have some pretty good ideas, which follow.

Marie EvB Gibbons:

I prefer to make INTENTIONS rather than RESOLUTIONS. I feel that an INTENTION gives me more positive energy toward an act. A RESOLUTION - usually means vowing to STOP something. That said: My INTENTION for 2012 is to create a more spacious atmosphere around me, both in my studio and my home, which in turn will give me more mental space to create, physical space to move around in, and a welcoming space for family and friends! (if i were stating this as a RESOLUTION, I would have to say something like "I will stop creating clutter and clean up my act" which sounds negative and defeating from the start to me and I know I will never act on it....) That said... off to the studio to reorganize, and set up some new paths to walk!!

Marie EvB Gibbons is a sculptor of clay and mixed media, and teacher of cool classes who loves to share creative energy with others in her studio on 44th Avenue and Tennyson Street in North Denver.

Georgina Kolber:

-At my lunch break, instead of perusing the internet, read my art books and/or whatever novel I'm reading. -Write and send more letters -For everything I post on-line about art & culture in other places, I post about art and culture in Denver, or wherever I happen to be living. -Try new restaurants -Implement an internet sabbath on the weekend, and with all that extra time, visit and revisit local galleries.

Georgina Kolber is the Curator of Exhibits and Adult Programs at the Mizel Museum in Denver, Co-Chair of CultureHaus' InHaus committee, and a flavor addict.

Lokken Liane:

My resolution is mainly to be more productive artistically this year, and to add ceramic pieces to my bag of tricks.

Lokken Liane is a life-long painter & illustrator, mostly in the realm of watercolors.

Broox Pulford:

My New Year's resolution is to make more art, have a solo show and a studio open house so everyone can enjoy said art and see where it was made and meet the person who made it for them to enjoy.

Broox Pulford is a progressive graphic designer based out of Denver, CO.

DC Kelly:

I want to figure out a way to teach an encaustic class in Siena, Italy.

D.C Kelly is a painter at 910 Arts and a member at CORE gallery.

Andy O'Leary:

Resolved: In 2012 to be a force for good by using my music,art and poetry...sounds corny but I want to leave the world a better place than when I made the resolution...That or else to lose 50 pounds whichever comes first.

Andy O'leary is a musician, poet and radio host on KUVO.

Carolyne Janssen:

My New Year's resolutions have slowly morphed to be community oriented, rather than self improvement oriented. In 2011 I set out to pick up at least 365 discarded plastic bottles, and get them into a recycling bin. As of today, Thursday, 12/28/11, my count is 2,009 bottles picked up. Next year, 2012, my NYR is to volunteer at least 4 hours a month at SAME (So That All May Eat) Café.

Carolyne Janssen is a graphic designer, urban gardener and champion pie-maker.

Atomic Elroy:

New Year resolution: come up with a clever/cock-a-mamie concept of establishing discipline in my art practice, something like a work a week, or a monthly TV show on You Tube. Then doing it.

Atomic Elroy is a video-installation and performance artist, recently transplanted to California.

Andrew Hoffman:

A better balance between personal life and work. Focus on quality rather then quantity. Play outside more and draw in my sketchbook daily.

Andrew Hoffman is a Denver designer, illustrator and artist who makes T-shirts on the side.

Rodney Wallace

I'm going to stop procrastinating for 2011.

Rodney Wallace is a Denver artist with a sense of humor.

Dave Seiler

Make more art, objects so small that they will not over take the planet.

Dave Seiler is an artist in Denver.

And what about you, artists out there? Have you made a resolution yet? Feel free to pipe right up.

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