Harmony for Horses benefit concert to aid Bailey's neglected equines

It's a story too common in recent months: horses found emaciated on a Colorado ranch and seized by authorities in a last-ditch effort to save them. Half a dozen horses were discovered in a state of severe neglect on a ranch near Bailey in February. One of them, a colt named Little Big Man, was too weak to even lift his head -- but the story has a better ending, and even some guitar-strumming, toe-tapping horse opry music to go with it.

Thanks to some heroic rehabilitation efforts, the five are looking healthier today and appear to be headed to better homes. And while the previous owners are facing animal cruelty charges, rescuer Monika Courtney has organized a benefit concert in Evergreen this Saturday night to help address the hefty vet bills involved.

"My main incentive with this is to create awareness of the current economic hardships and hay crisis, which are most often the cause of such tragedies," Courtney says. "I want people to understand that help is available. One just has to ask."

The event at the Ice House in downtown Evergreen (next to the Little Bear) starts at 6 pm on April 7 and will feature a silent auction and music from Streams of Eden, 3 Legged Dog, Steve Stoddard and other area performers. The suggested donation is ten bucks.

For more information or to make a donation, call 303-816-0766 or visit the concert's Facebook page.

And here's a picture of Little Big Man, now in new surroundings and known as Spencer:

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