Harry Potter is over, but what will fans do now?

Like Sting's most absurdly protracted tantra, the Harry Potter series of books and movies (and merchandise) has for over a decade been dangling the carrot in front of its fans: What's going to happen? Last night, the first of those fans found out the answer -- a revelation that left them mostly huddled and quivering in a sweaty heap -- but now that the arcs have been resolved and the loose ends tied up, we wondered, what will you people do now? Momentarily undeterred by our general lack of work ethic, we sent correspondent Jenny An out into the field to find out.

With notebook and camera in hand, An set out to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the Landmark theater in Olde Town Arvada. She brings back these thoughts:

"Reread all the books. My Cousin is twelve months old and I plan on passing down the tradition." Draco: "Probably just leave the theater." "Go on with my life." "There will be a lot of rewatching -- he has only seen a few." "After I get all the tears out, go to Orlando to see the real Hogwarts. Then write my own story." "Harry Potter will never die."

And on an unrelated note, why are there Teletubbies here?

"We're in the movie. When you're daydreaming about Harry Potter, that's where we'll be."

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