Hazel and Dewey does one of a kind housewares right, with plenty of local contributions

While Hazel and Dewey is named after owner Jenna Miles's great aunt, there's nothing geriatric about the store. Located on South Broadway, the shop (which opened in June) is William and Sonoma's spunky, Etsy-ified little sister where juicers have gnome heads, aprons are printed with apple motifs and cake stands are made of vintage glassware.

"I'm going to inspire you to love cooking," Miles says. It's an heirloom she's passing on from her great grandmother's home and its garden and orchard on the Western Slope. "That's where I get my love of cooking."

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight, Hazel and Dewey will host a reception with many new lines from local ceramicist Jessica Carey.

"I try to fill the store with my favorites," she says. "I want really beautiful things but can't afford really expensive things." These run from $24 to $80. While you'll probably not scream "what a steal!" looking at the price tags, Miles insists that most of the bigger ticket items are built to last. These cutting boards, which range from $70 to $140, are handmade by Denver-based Ken Goodwin and will last 30-plus years if you treat them right: keep them out of the dishwasher, instead washing them after each use with mild soap and then coating them with a thin layer of cooking oil. Cake stands also make excellent hors d'oeuvre trays and fruitbowls. These made by local Kayla Swenson are $28 without a lid and $32 with. Screen-printed cards ($4) and notebooks ($10) by local Jennifer Ghormley. The notebooks are made of recycled materials like brown paper bags from Einstein's. Hazel and Dewey also carries Ghormley's screen-printed works on canvas ($65 - $175). Jenna Miles with one of her favorites, a DIY cheese-making kit. Just add milk or cream to these kits which make 10 to 30 batches each ($30 - $65).

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.