Hedwig's inch gets angry tonight at the Avenue Theater

You may have heard Plato's theory about the origin of love -- the round creatures, male-male, female-female, androgynous, who originally populated the world and were riven in half by an angry Zeus, doomed to spend the rest of eternity searching helplessly for their mates and their own lost souls. But you've never heard it told with the raw grief and rage that pours from Nick Sugar as Hedwig, singing "Origin of Love" in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Having started her life as Hans behind the Iron Curtain, the young Hedwig endures a botched sex-change operation to marry a GI and reach the joy and freedom she's sure awaits her in America. Now, mutilated, deserted and despairing, she tours seedy night spots with her band, The Angry Inch, and leads audiences through the raucous, crazed and moving story of her life. This rock-glam-theater event had viewers alternately stunned and cheering when it was shown at the Avenue Theater last summer, and it's back tonight for a return engagement through May 29. The band is aces, Sugar -- one of the area's most exciting performers -- is in top form, and you really don't want to miss it. 417 East 17th Avenue. For more information, call 303-321-5925.

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