Helander Dance Theater will have you dancing in the aisles at Lucky's Market in Boulder

Why is dance such a hard sell? There's a stigma attached to the whole idea of beautiful, thin waifs whirling about to a different drummer under the faraway lights. Sometimes it seems like you have to drag people by the ear to go see dance -- although they might just get into it if they actually did go.

So why not take dance off the stage and straight to where the people are? wondered adventurous Boulder choreographer Danelle Helander. That's the general idea behind Happenstance, an ongoing series of dance performances that unravel in the aisles of Lucky's Market, with grocery carts for props and the full attention of surprised onlookers.

For a taste, here's some video from the first dance:

The second performance in the series goes down this afternoon at 4 p.m. and again at 4:30 -- just in time, perhaps, to catch all those last-minute shoppers picking up gourmet tidbits and aphrodisiac ingredients for a Valentine's dinner. And as an audience member, all you have to do is gawk and maybe record it on your phone.

The latter is important, because not only are these performances being documented on film, but the troupe is also asking spectators to share their video recordings (instructions will be provided).

Three more impromptu shows are planned for March 21, April 1 and April 22; the final documentary will be screened in the Boedecker Theater at the Dairy Center for the Arts, on May 7, when there will be another live dance performance (tickets, on sale in early April, will be $17).

Sounds sooo easy -- and you can get your shopping done at the same time! For more information, go to Helander Dance Theater's website.

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