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Help Nurse Necro M.D. get made, win a trip in a hearse

SORP Films wants to share a story with you, but they need your help. You see, they've got this great tale of a mutated nurse looking for revenge, but they're a little short on funds, so they've turned to Kickstarter for a little help. If you're wary of donating to things you've never heard of, worry not -- you've heard of these guys, or at least seen their hearse.

That's because SORP Films includes, among other people, Zachary Byron Helm, who you might know as the giant-haired, hearse-driving dude you've inevitably seen cruising around Denver late at night. They have a pedigree of films made on the cheap too, including The Legend of Zelda: A Pain in My Ass, Emo Assault Squadron 2 and more.

But they want Nurse Necro M.D. to be their biggest yet, so they're looking to break out of their $100 budget and crank things up a bit, to $2,500. If you've got the heart to help, you'll be credited as an executive producer, and if you donate enough, you'll even get a trip to Del Taco in a hearse, which should save you and your family a bit of time after Del Taco clogs your arteries and you die.

The film is something of a horror/comedy mashup, taking on the story of a well meaning nurse who attempts to put a stop to a doctor's inhumane tests on homeless people only to end up being a test subject herself. This apparently all happens when the doctor decides to replace one of her tampons with a plutonium rod (how would you not notice?), after which she becomes a badass, sexy killing machine.

That's actually not all -- while the film's main concern will be making you laugh and maybe grossing you out a bit, Helm also claims it's looking to "address deeper issues, namely topics of abnormal sexuality and the toll it takes on the people who feel judged." So it looks like Nurse Necro won't be a one-dimensional character by any stretch of the word; on top of seeking revenge and shooting syringes out of a crossbow, she'll be searching for romance and friendship and learning to deal with the loss of those things after becoming a mutant-killer-babe.

Seriously, this sounds like the best thing ever.

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