Henry Awards have yet to come up with a winning system

The Colorado Theatre Guild's Henry Awards, which were presented last night, have been growing in stature, professionalism and efficiency in some ways for quite a while -- but this has come at a cost. The awards used to be judged by around a dozen professional theater critics, and because those critics -- myself included -- lived and worked in the Denver area, productions by guild members in other parts of the state tended to go unrecognized. So over the last three years, a huge effort was made to overcome this problem and judges were found outside the metro area. The result: a panel of 48 judges (again, I'm one of them -- and my Westword reviews are linked below), six of whom had to see and fill out a ballot for each eligible production. Winners were decided by the numbers on the ballots. Problem solved.

Except that with so many people voting, so few judges seeing most productions and the difficulties of defining criteria for necessary comparisons, the results (below) seem pretty random. and some are downright inexplicable.

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