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Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards arts winners

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Here are the winners of the 2011 Denver #WebAwards in the category we're loosely dubbing "arts," which means Westword scribes report on the happenings in these beats, right here on Show and Tell. (And no, Westword writers were not eligible for these awards.)

These are the winners only; for a complete list of finalists, go here: "Here are your 2011 Denver #WebAwards finalists." View the complete list of 2011 #WebAwards winners.

Sex Blogger The Redheaded Slut is Denver's Best Sex Blogger.

The Redheaded Slut is a self-described "kinky Stepford wife." She's also a no-holds-barred sex blogger with a sense of humor. Her posts are often funny and easy to read, even for those not familiar with the jargon of the kink scene. Take this snippet from a recent post: "I'm going to throw an ice cream fetishist party. It's only going to be for hardcore dairy aficionados. The lactose-intolerant need not apply. Aren't a fan of cones? Don't show up. Not into sprinkles? Get the hell out. Fro-yo lovers? What. The. Fuck."

Arts Blogger John Moore is Denver's Best Arts Blogger.

Although he started his career at the Denver Post as a baseball editor, John Moore has become both synonymous with and incredibly successful in the theater world since his beginning in 1993. Moore, who was recently named one of American Theater magazine's 12 most influential theater critics, has spent one of the past two decades maintaining painstakingly comprehensive and wonderfully creative coverage of local theater with none of the stereotypical pretension that would keep people from finding a niche, exploring it and ultimately loving it.

Artist on Twitter @VagTalk is Denver's Best Artist on Twitter.

Denver-based comic book artist and poet Sommer Browning is really fucking funny. Whether it's a twitpic glimpse of her book Either Way I'm Celebrating which details the things she's belligerently against (iced coffee, flip flops, therapy and getting her picture taken) or a charmingly irreverent statement like "Modern day vampire test: See if their fingers can activate an iPhone," cue the girl crush now. Those feign of heart, you might not want to head there. The humor's sometimes dark and dirty, but hopefully you figured that out from the handle name.

Flickr Pool Tanner Spendley Runs Denver's Best Flickr pool.

In his unpaid tenure as a freelance photographer, Tanner Spendley's stunning and emotional photos have crossed mainstream media outlets as varied as Fox and CNN. His most recent work centers on the many and widely varying scenes of Occupy Denver, where he lends simplicity and immediacy to violent outbreaks and peaceful protests alike. Spendley demands no payment for his work, which is readily available on both his Flickr and his personal website. He asks only for the opportunity to share it.

Web Photo of the Year Kirsten Evans's High Altitude Planking is Denver's Web Photo of the Year.

This photo is badass. Not for its superior use of composition and light or because the photographer used the correct F-stop or whatever, but because the woman in the photo - one Kirsten Evans - is a fearless motherfucker doing what fearless motherfuckers do: planking at 14,265 feet. Somebody get this lady an award.

Biggest Foursquare Addict Penny Parker is Denver's Biggest Foursquare Addict.

Ever met Denver Post gossip columnist and blogger Penny Parker in person (Say that three times fast)? That's OK, she'll probably friend you on Foursquare - the addicting social check-in game - anyway. With more than 1,800 check-ins under her belt, Parker seems to be out and about as much as anyone in Denver. And she should be, how else would she land those scoops?

Photo Phone App 360 Panorama is Denver's Best Photo Phone App.

Whether you want a sweeping panoramic photo of the Rockies or your cubicle, 360 Panorama from Boulder-based Occipital can do that. Turn it on, spin around and your iPhone (or iPad) will have a panoramic image ready within twenty seconds. Bonus: the app makes it easy to Facebook, Tweet and email the stunning view from the 14ner you just climbed or the depths of your boredom in the office.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.