Here comes BASH to save the day: A superhero party brings geekery to a good cause

What with Free Comic Book Day coming up and all, there are plenty of events and activities this week dedicated to nerd-core man-children who never gave up the comic books they loved as children -- but there's also at least one devoted to actual children. Tomorrow night brings BASH, the Young Philanthropists Foundation's annual fundraiser and "superhero party," which, besides raising money for an organization that's doing some really cool stuff, is also a great opportunity to indoctrinate your kids to your geeky ways.

"BASH is really a celebration of the amazing contributions that kids make to the community," says Alexis Boian, executive director of the YPF, whose mission is to get young folks involved in exactly that. For example: "The kids in our Penny Harvest program raised $60,000 in pennies -- that's about 6 million pennies -- and are now in the process of giving it away in a grant-making process where they find organizations, they interview them and then they award grants, and they'll often partner with those organizations on service projects."

To get kids involved, the YPF partners with the Boys and Girls Club of Denver and works in schools in the metro area. BASH is an annual tradition, now in its third year.

And it's a pretty cool tradition. The party, which runs a pretty steep (remember, it's for a good cause) entry fee of $45 for adults and $25 for kids over three, plays host to an array of superhero related activities: Expect visits from Superman, Mr. Incredible, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, along with a superhero kit for the kids -- and maybe if you're really sincere about it, the adults -- that includes a cape, mask and "superhero badge" that they can decorate on-site. There's also a photo-booth and games, like a superhero alphabet where you try to guess the name of the superhero whose name starts with the corresponding letter -- "It's pretty tough," notes Boian. "You have to be pretty comic-book nerdy to guess all of them" -- and something called the "Wall of Justice Mystery Auction," which Boian says is "kind of hard to explain."

It starts tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. at Redline Gallery, and all are welcome to come, even if they haven't been involved in the organization before. If nothing else, you'll get 'em cosplaying young.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.