Hey, Colorado Mills: I'm a sore loser and I want my $250

I spent a week capturing myself on Macbook-style film for Colorado Mills' "Week of a Woman" photography contest earlier this month. Yesterday, I received a phone call yesterday letting me know that I did not win.

In fact, no one did. 

The contest was cancelled because of a lack of participation, according to mall owner Bitner Goodman's representative, Lauren Horsley.

Wait: So because only a handful of creative people took the time to enter this contest, no one won?  

I haven't entered many contests in my lifetime, as I prefer self-designed competitions that only I can judge -- and only allow me to be declared the winner. But this one, which I decided to enter after visiting the October 1 Wellness Expo that kicked off Celebrate Women month at Colorado Mills, was kind of fun, mostly because it involved me taking pictures of myself. And as I took those pictures, the thought of what I could do if I won one of the prizes -- gift cards ranging from $100 to $250 in value -- had my head spinning. I could finally afford to buy some new Uggs! 

But yesterday's call dashed my hopes, and now all that I have left are these photos -- which will not be displayed at the mall, Horsley informed me, since I didn't make it to the final round. Because there was no final round. And so I will not be at any private reception with Miss Colorado 2011 tonight, either. (For a list of the events that will go on, go to the mall's website.)

So much for celebrating women. Still, couldn't I have at least been awarded some of that cheesecake that Colorado Mills is so sure we women love?

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