Hip-Hop Stop

SUN, 7/27

Now is the time for some testifying on the merits of hip-hop life by brother KRS-One. The performer (born Lawrence Parker but known professionally as Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), is in town to headline the July 26 Elemental Flavas show at Universal Lending Pavilion. But that won't be his only appearance.

After talking with the Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition's Jeff Campbell and Corbin Davis, who works in the young-adult ministry of Englewood's First Plymouth Congregational Church, KRS-One agreed to share his hip-hop philosophy with a local audience. So at 6 p.m. tonight, he'll be at 3501 South Colorado Boulevard, ready to spread the word.

"He's just going to talk about hip-hop culture and the responsibility of being part of that culture," says Davis. "One of his famous quotes is 'Rap is something you do; hip-hop is something you live.'"

KRS-One, who broke on the music scene in 1984 as a nineteen-year-old rapper, is "an architect of hip-hop," adds Davis, who's excited to have him address Denver's youth. "We want to raise awareness that it's not all about the bling-bling," he says. "It's more about what we do as a collective human entity. I also wanted to get him to a suburban church. He normally speaks at urban churches."

The free event is open to all, and Davis expects all kinds of people to turn out. "Hip-hop is not you or me," he points out. "It is a collection of souls, minds and rhythms that can be traced back to the drumming of West African tribes." -- Ernie Tucker

Bring It On
Fall sports camp calls
SAT, 7/26

It's almost time for America's favorite fall sporting tradition: football. Kids who need a little warming up can get out their shoulder pads and pom-poms and head for the Aurora City-Wide Youth Football and Cheerleading Camp. The event is sponsored by the Aurora Cardinal Football club; players and coaches from the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado and several area high schools will lead participants through a rigorous practice. "It'll cover all the positions," says organizer Billy Richardson. "This is a chance for everyone to work on their skills." Instructors will also be on hand for those wanting to work on cheers, chants, stunts and dance moves.

The camp will be held today from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Aurora Central High School, 11700 East 11th Avenue, and is open to kids between the ages of five and fifteen. Fees ($35 in advance/$40 today) include lunch. To register, call 720-422-0758 or log on to www.auroracardinalsports.com. -- Julie Dunn

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