Hipsters roll deep in Denver Skeeball League at the Breckenridge Brewery

Add one more sport to Denver's lengthy list of athletic obsessions. The city now has its very own Denver Skeeball League. For the past month, twenty teams have been battling for ruler of the ramp every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 6 p.m. at the Breckenridge Brewery.

So how, exactly, does one turn an arcade attraction based on rolling heavy balls into holes and earning worthless paper tickets into a full-fledged sport? Borrow from lots of other sports and pastimes, it turns out. During league play, each team member rolls ten frames, like bowling, and all the teams compete for a seat in the final Sweet Sixteen tournament, like basketball. Teams feature names like That's What Skee Said, SkeeMusketeers and A-Holes in the Outfield, and teammates can win awards such as the "Money Shot," a pin featuring two unicorns having sex in front of a rainbow, which is given out to any player who gets ten balls through the 100-point hole in a single game.

Not too surprisingly, hipsters are responsible for it all. Competitive skeeball began in 2005 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, of all places, and the hipster-ific 'hood now boasts an entire skeeball-themed bar, as well as a national championship.

Could a skeeball bar be in Denver's future -- or maybe even skeeball arena? Who knows? Maybe Denver should invest in the very first skeeball Olympic training center. Then our fair city would really be on a roll.

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