Holiday Fashion Swap: They came, they saw, they swapped

Last night's Holiday fashion Swap at Cantina Laredo inside The Streets At Southglenn went well, despite some vendors' concerns that a fire across the street would impact turnout. Earlier in the day, the massive, empty retail space that's slated to hold an H&M in 2014 had caught fire, but the blaze was extinguished and the area soon safe again for pedestrians. So the fashion show and clothing trade went on as planned, and from the looks of the almost-empty racks of dresses and tables of shoes, it was a success.

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Women getting together to trade gently used clothing is hardly a new idea, but this evening combined the swap with a local retailer fair as well, adding new jewelry, scarves and accessories to the mix. And that actually injected some method to the madness, as clothing swaps can get a little tense when multiple people are vying for the same item. But politeness prevailed here, and by the end of the night, the majority of the racks were empty. I missed the fashion show of soon-to-be-swapped goods earlier in the evening, and learned a big lesson about clothing swaps in general: If you don't get there early, the good stuff is gone. Formal dresses didn't seem to be a big hit, but coats and casual wear definitely went fast, as swappers filled bags with their new apparel.

Along with the goods, services were also hawked, from beauty products to hair extensions and temporary hair coloring. Eco Salon was chalking hair -- a dry, dusting of color that safely washes out -- and adding neons to blonde swappers and bolder colors to brunettes. My, how times and attitudes about multi-colored hair have changed since the '90s.

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