Hop is this week's most ridiculous trailer

To Hop's credit, the blend of live action and CGI rodents is considerably less creepy than it was in 2007's incredibly unsettling Alvin and the Chipmunks, one of the worst, most cynical computer-generated turds ever crapped out by Hollywood. In fact, the little rabbit guy in Hop is actually kind of cute, bringing the vast improvements in computer-generated imaging from just three years ago into ever sharper relief -- and that's definitely an impressive change for the better. What hasn't changed, evidently, is the hackneyed, lazy everything else.

Alright, well,


seems a tad more clever than


, too -- we really have a hard time faulting anything that features David Hasselhoff playing David Hasselhoff, and Russel Brand (unlike Jason Lee, who we just haven't been able to look in the eye since) actually gives what little material he has to work with a little charm -- but why, Illumination Entertainment, why must we suffer yet another round of the same stale jokes you smear all over every children's movie like feces made out of jelly beans? Oh look! It's a

pop culture reference

with some vaudeville slapstick! Oh look, it's, uh, the same thing but in a different contex! OH LOOK SHE'S EATING POOP LOL! Check this out: Watch the joke here at 1:49, and then

go to the Alvin and the Chipmunks trailer

and set the cursor at 0:58.

Same exact joke


If this trailer were even the slightest bit memorable, we'd never think of jelly beans the same way again.

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