"Hot wild girls" Doritos commercial sends CSU grads to Super Bowl

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Virtually any time a guy has three hot, wild girls in his apartment, he's dreaming. And yet that's exactly how a Colorado State University student feels after finding out that he and his business partners are headed to the Super Bowl to compete for $1 million.

Scott, along with partners Nate Watkin and Eric Delgado, created the soon-to-be viral Doritos commercial "Hot Wild Girls," in which two "brochachos" are out of Doritos and turn to their iPhone Siri-like phone for help, getting into some attack-dog-related hijinks in the process.

Scott and Watkin met when both were at CSU and discovered they shared a passion for filmmaking, though neither attended film school. They've been producing work together for four years as self-taught filmmakers; this year, they teamed up with Delgado, who is "more the writer of the group," according to Scott.

The trio heard about Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign, which asked fans to create ads to be aired during the game, and decided to put their skills to the test. Delgado came up with the concept and the whole ad was written, shot and edited in one weekend, then submitted.

This is the sixth year of the campaign, and this year's more than 6,100 entrants make it the biggest. The company narrowed it down to five favorites -- including "Hot Wild Girls" -- and then posted the videos on the Doritos website so that fans could vote for their favorites. (You can vote for "Hot Wild Girls" here.)

The two videos with the most votes will be aired during the Super Bowl. And if one of those ads makes the number-one spot on the USA Today Facebook Ad Meter, its creators will win $1 million.

Because they're in the top five, Scott and his partners have already won a six-day trip to Indianapolis for the big game and $25,000, but a million more could certainly go to good use.

"We'll definitely put it back into our passion, which is filmmaking," says Watkin.

The guys won't know how well their video is doing in the poll until the two finalists air during the Super Bowl, so all they can hope for is to have the widest audience possible voting for their entry. The ad has received a lot of feedback from the Denver community, but they hope the whole state will get involved to help them win.

"Everyone in the commercial is from Denver, even the dogs. We're the only top-five entrant from Colorado, or even the Midwest," says Watkin. "Three are from California and the other is from Virginia, so we think this is a really big deal for the state and hope everyone will get behind us to help us win."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.