How green is your ski hill?

Lots of Coloradans live the contradiction of composting waste or driving a hybrid while patronizing ski resorts, which are environmental disasters no matter how you slice it. Think about it: Between tearing up slopes for runs, sucking up massive amounts of power, and pumping out boatloads of trash and spent snowboarder roaches, it's practically like Avatar out there. All we need is a race of sexy blue cat people living in the woods by Breckenridge's Peak 10.

That said, not all ski resorts are equal offenders. That's where the Colorado-based Ski Area Citizens' Coalition comes in: They rate all the ski resorts in the nation based on criteria like habitat and watershed protection, climate change action, and overall environmental policies and practices.
In Colorado, Aspen SkiCo hogs the top three spots, with Aspen Mountain scoring an impressive 86.1 average (they give Aspen an 'A,' so there's some kind of weird curve going on). The Coalition praises Aspen's habitat and watershed protection, but marks 'em down for overall practices and climate change mitigation. (Considering Aspen is widely regarded as a leader in this category, it kind of highlights how ridiculous the idea of an environmentally-friendly ski resort is in the first place.)

Besides Aspen, only fourth place finisher Powderhorn gets an A. B-scoring Wolf Creek, Telluride, Snowmass, Monarch, Vail, and Eldora round out the top ten in that order. With Aspen's Snowmass getting a 7th place spot, I'm starting to think they're the Martin Prince of this whole thing.

Nationwide, Aspen settles for second behind California's Squaw Valley, but they also nab third and ninth with Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Better luck next year, teacher's pet. 

So who's at the back of the class, drawing dicks and throwing spitballs? Slackers Winter Park, Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge all get D's, with Breck taking the cake for worst in the state and worst in the country.

I can't say I'm all that surprised, but Vail Ski Co. better keep their eyes peeled for this:

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