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Hunter Helmstaedter on co-working and Massif Studio's Creative Industry Night

As a photography student at the Art Institute of Colorado transitioning into more professional work, Hunter Helmstaedter realized he needed more than the school's studio space to carry out his projects -- and a lot of his fellow students were in the same predicament. Inspired by the creative co-working business model of spaces like Battery621, Helmstaedter decided to open Massif Studios, at 2191 South Broadway, as the first Denver co-working space with a specific focus on video and photography. Clients can purchase memberships or pay by the day or hour to rent out space in the 12,000 foot warehouse, which holds ten custom-built studios. From 4 to 10 p.m. today, Massif will open its doors to the public for a Creative Industry Night filled with live music and art, food, drink and a silent auction to benefit charities chosen by the artists; tickets are $10 or $35 VIP. In advance of the party, we caught up with Helmstaedter to talk about Massif's mission and the new model of creative co-working.

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