I-70 Nightmare: Gridlock leads to metering, metering leads to more gridlock

9NEWS aired a story on Sunday about the Colorado Department of Transportation's practice of "metering" traffic when it backs up into the Eisenhower Tunnel. CDOT says it's a safety issue: They stop traffic for 20 minutes to clear the tunnel so emergency vehicles can access it in the event of an accident. Of course, this can lead to an excruciating wait on the west side of the tunnel during Sunday snowsports rush hour.

Sure, those prone to road rage best not drive during prime time on I-70 period. But 9NEWS also interviewed several seemingly mild-mannered individuals who found metering distasteful, because there's no warning that the practice is taking place at the tunnel until you're most likely completely submerged in a thick car marmalade.

I don't see many alternatives, considering the strapped state and municipal budgets in these recessionary times -- and especially considering that I-70 has plenty of capacity the vast majority of the year.

Maybe there are too many weekend skiers. Maybe there are too few people tweeting on GoI70.com. Maybe we need a monorail to Vail. Anybody got two or three cents to throw into the comments?

Here's the 9NEWS story for your viewing pleasure:

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