"I buried Paul" and other Beatles blasts from the past, tonight at the Boedecker Theater

Faced with the postponement of two screenings of the highly anticipated film The Beatles: The Lost Concert, Boedecker Theater manager Glenn Webb didn't cry in his kidney pie. Instead, he secured a replacement reel: Paul McCartney Is Really Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison, a comic mockumentary corroborating the famous "Paul is Dead" controversy of 1969, based on a rumor that the cute Beatle had been killed in an accident in 1966 and replaced by a look-alike.

Along with an on again-off again screening interruptus of the movie, there'll be a party with a trivia contest, short Beatle clips, sing-along sessions and such Beatle-esque drinks as the Blue Meanie, Yellow Submarine and Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

A sneak peek follows:

Party like its 1969 beginning at 7 p.m. tonight in the Boe, located at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder; the program and party will repeat at the same time next Tuesday, May 22. Admission is $10; for details (and to keep up with the rescheduling of the original film), visit the Boedecker Theater online.

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