I Need My Monster in Filmmaker Awards Finals -- and CU Denver Students Need Your Vote!

The hard work of fifteen students at University of Colorado Denver is paying off: Their animated film, I Need my Monster, has been voted into the championship round in the Student Filmmakers Award Audience Choice competition. The students have spent the last eighteen months at the school's Digital Animation Center adapting the children's book into an animated film that was selected from hundreds of student films worldwide as one of the two final contenders.

Final voting for the Audience Choice category of the Student Filmmakers Award begins at noon today, and will close on January 4.

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While creating the film, the students and faculty supervisors formed a partnership with the publisher, wrote an adapted screenplay, and animated the whole thing themselves. So far, I Need my Monster has won eleven Best Animated Short Categories in selected film festivals.

Howard Cook is the director of the DAC, and says the students, all seniors, did an exceptional job. The last three semesters of the DAC's animation program involve a group project like the film. (The one student who is not part of the DAC composed the music for the film, and is in the music industries department.) "We bring everybody together, the entire senior class. They're given a script and they have to make a film. Just like they would in a studio," Cook says. This strategy has worked out well for the students, many of who already have jobs at well-known studios like Pixar.

"We've done pretty well on our own," Cook says. "Now it's time to unleash Denver on it."

Monster is up against a less than child-friendly student film called Served Cold. Unlike Monster, Served Cold is what Cook describes as a "psychological drama" with more than a handful of swear words.

You can keep up with I Need my Monster on the DAC Facebook page. But first, remember to vote here!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.