Imperfect Circle Apparel creates chic smokewear

The legalization of marijuana has put Colorado at the forefront of social change, and the fashion community is evolving as well. Danica Harcourt and Jason Brown recently founded Imperfect Circle Apparel, a local clothing company that specializes in making more visually pleasing weed-fashion. Smokewear is going mainstream! See also: Menswear Mondays: Turntablist Ulysses Gonzalez at the American Crew All-Star Challenge

"We put our heads together and thought that we could make a difference in the community by giving 10 percent back to charity. We not only want to create unique and fun clothing, but give back as well," says Harcourt. So far, Imperfect Circle has worked with Water.org, the Hunger Project and the Human Rights Campaign, among other charities.

Brown and Harcourt work with graphic designers to create the imagery for their clothing line, which offers menswear and womenswear for a more savvy and fashionable stoner. "Our focus is to make weed-wear more mainstream. We put a little spin to it and make it more fashionable," says Brown. The subtle references to weed in their designs reference green lungs; the stoner towel from South park, Towelie; and phrases like "up in smoke."

The 420 rally at Civic Center Park proved the perfect launch site for Imperfect Circle, which is also a custom printing shop. "Everyone is looking at Colorado, waiting to see if we are going to crash or take flight. The spotlight is on us," says Brown. "It was fun seeing our customers in person. They were amazed with the quality and design that we use instead of 'Denver Nuggs' or '420,' which is a very flashy and tacky look. We want to be part of the change. Imperfect Circle is more than just a brand, this is our lifestyle."

The company is not only pot-friendly, it's eco-friendly -- using only recyclable material for their fashion. And although pot was the starting point, the founders plan to raise awareness about other issues, and will be part of the Gay Pride Festival at Civic Center Park next month.

"We want to make everything more open and not so hush-hush," says Harcourt. "We are liberals and believe everyone is entitled to their own freedom."

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