In Search of the Perfect Pair of Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans, the ones that make your bum look pert and thighs slim, are elusive. A mythical creature, almost. Like a fashion-industry unicorn. Sure, there’s always the promise that if you just pay the three figures for the Sevens or the Paper Denim & Cloth they'll take off that extra ten pounds hanging out over the top of the Old Navy pair you kick around the house in. Wrong.

Cat is still on the hunt for her pair, but she really hates to shop. All that on and off and harsh light makes it a generally confidence-depressing experience. You’d think it was bathing suit shopping. So, when Cat stumbled across, she was intrigued. The site asks you a few questions about fit: How do jeans that fit in the hip fit at your waist? Is there gaping at the back? What kind of rise do you like? What’s your butt like? What do you want from a pair of jeans, etc. Then it searches through its hordes of jeans – everything from Blue Cult to Wrangler – and comes up with recommendations for anyone up to a size eighteen.

Zafu came up with 33 suggestions for Cat. She didn’t love them all (she just can’t wear Eddie Bauer or Lee jeans; no matter how they fit, they’ll always be Mom jeans to Cat), but there are a few pairs that intrigue her. Unfortunately, her favorite option, the Jag “Mae Wheat” Jeans is only available in a size 0 at Nordstrom. So Cat’s going to order a few of the other nominees. She’ll let you know how well Zafu’s algorithms work.

Maybe, just maybe, Cat will catch that unicorn. But at the very least, she can try them on in the soft light and privacy of her own bedroom.

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