Inky Giants

Giant squid lurk in the deepest depths of the oceans, doing battle with whales and mystifying scientists who have yet to observe one in its natural habitat. As big as a bus, they are one of this planet's least understood creatures. Some say a giant squid could even take down a submarine. In Search of Giant Squid, a traveling Smithsonian exhibition that opens today at the Wildlife Experience and stays through September 1, explores the legend and lore around these sea beasts, as well as the technology researchers are using to look for them. There will also be drawings, video and squid parts such as beaks and suckers.

So could a giant squid take down a submarine? "I'm not sure the submarine could even find one," says Experience spokeswoman Tori Labs.

The Wildlife Experience is located at 10035 South Peoria Street in Parker. For hours, ticket prices and information, call 720-488-3300 or visit
May 17-Sept. 1, 2008

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