Insta-Face Bandanas: Gear you want but don't need

From Denver's very own Cyanide Stitches comes the perfect face-cover for spring days that don't require the heavy-duty facial protection of the Beard Head, but still cry for a complement of faux facial hair (as pictured on creator Amber Glenn here). Or fangs. Or bad teeth.

Each Insta-Face Bandana is embroidered with an instant facial feature of some kind or another. They're a sizable 22 inches by 22 inches, made from 100 percent cotton, and they'll keep your face warm and at least quasi-protected from the elements for the spring. And they're hopelessly goofy -- in a good way.

More photos and whatnot after the jump...

Amber says she was inspired to make her first Insta-Face Bandana last fall after riding her bike in the cold: "I didn't want something that made me look scary or was as bulky as a scarf."

Her catalog copy is pretty funny, too. From her shop at

Ever wish those pearly whites sitting atop your gums could be a luxurious pearly yellow? Tired of having too many teeth crowding your mouth? Fret no more!

All you need is this strange but amazing Bad Hygiene bandana! It features a big black smile with a few crooked and mangled yellow teeth hanging out, just waiting for their turn to break off and be forgotten!
Insta-Face Bandanas normally cost $15 to $18, but right now Cyanide Stitches is running a $10 special at her shop. Amber says the sale will run until about March 25, so don't dawdle.

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Eric Peterson