Is Impossible creative agency the Pixar of Denver's ad scene?

Despite valiant efforts to resuscitate it, Colorado's movie biz has been more or less flat-lining ever since those purty pictures of downtown in the title sequence of Dynasty went off the air. Still, at least we can take solace in the fact we have some heavy hitters in the TV commercial scene -- think of it as the Mini Me version of Hollywood -- thanks to the CGI wunderkinds at the local creative agency Impossible.

Impossible recently scored the Best in Show for Broadcast Advertising award at the annual Art Director's Club of Denver awards for its Jerry Bruckheimer-like approach to marketing the Denver Museum of Nature and Science's Genghis Khan exhibit (see that and other Impossible commercials below). It's just the last in a long line of honors the growing creative firm has racked up recently, from Clios to Addys to earning a spot in a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian.

What's Impossible's secret? Judging from the plethora of interesting commercials showcased on their site, it's all about fusing CGI, high production values and a touch of old-fashioned storytelling to craft ads people will actually enjoy watching. And in this day and age, that's a very unusual thing indeed.

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