Is Leadville your next pot town?

Following in the footsteps of toker-friendly mountain town Breckenridge, Leadville plans to hold a ballot initiative this year that will decriminalize pot possession for amounts of less than one ounce. The issue came up when pro-pot advocates crashed a city council meeting and asked their government to decriminalize marijuana. (Leadville always seemed more like a meth town to me, but whatevs.)

The initial news report indicates that out of the 20 people who came to the meeting, "nearly" half were in favor of marijuana decriminalization. I get that city government meetings are about as fun as watching grandma crochet a doily, but really? All it takes is nine-ish people to get a pot decriminalization initiative on the ballot?

I feel like I should move to Leadville, round up a few peeps at the coffee shop and put personal jet packs into the city budget or something.

Leadville plans to monitor Breckenridge's progress this year as a pot pilot project, and voters will have the chance to determine their hazy fate in November.

Hopefully this isn't a bold move to reinvigorate the town's tourism. I sure as hell am not driving all the way out to Ski Cooper to get high when I've got so many better options. Then again, smoking up on top of Elbert might be pretty cool.

"I'm hiiiigher than anyone else in the country now--get it?"
"Well, unless someone's smoking on Mt. Whitney or Denali."
"Jesus, Stuart, why you always gotta harsh my mel?"

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