"8 Shades of Grey," by Angela Beloian.
"8 Shades of Grey," by Angela Beloian.

It's Retro-a-Go-Go at Walker Fine Art With Angela Beloian and Roger Hubbard

For In Technicolor, her new exhibit at Walker Fine Art, Boulder artist Angela Beloian created a body of retro '60s and '70s paintings and screen prints based on "sketches" done using an iPhone.

The works refer to minimalism, abstract surrealism and psychedelic art using just a couple of formal moves.

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"Undulations," by Roger Hubbard.
"Undulations," by Roger Hubbard.

Using flowing organic lines done with hard edges, Beloian orchestrates overlapping pictorial elements: the ground and, on top, overlapping color fields. As each of the fields crosses the other or the ground, a color shift occurs. When gray runs over lavender, for example, the two colors aren't blended, but rather stacked, with the intersection of the colored forms coming out blue.

For Beloian, these shifts suggest light, shadow and the implication of three-dimensionality, with the results being incredibly fresh-looking.

The Beloians have been paired with kinetic sculptures by Roger Hubbard from Arizona. These polished-steel contraptions move easily but need to be started with a push, and are too heavy to respond to the subtle movements of the air.

Through September 6 at Walker Fine Art, 300 West 11th Avenue, #A, 303-355-8955, walkerfineart.com.


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