It's RiNormous! Ten things you can buy at RiNo's yard sale

Artists are a peculiar bunch. They have, shall we say,


. As much as they make art, which they thankfully do, they also like to collect all manner of attic-leavings and dumpster-junk and weird objects and other things. Sometimes they have to sell them, perhaps to make room for more, and aren't we lucky that twenty or so denizens of the RiNo Art District are unloading several species of stuff tomorrow during the RiNormous Yard Sale at Ironton Studios and Gallery, 3636 Chestnut Place. And what can you buy there, if you're lucky? Here are ten things:

1: Commercial Stainless Steel Refrigerator and Freezer.

2: Worm Composter.

3:Rocket Buster Gold and Silver Cowboy Boots, Size 8, worn once. The other a Pair of Vintage Cowboy Boots Belonging to King Ranch Heiress, solid as steel!

4:Three Metal Italian-Made Chairs.

5: Old Bottles Someone's Folks Dug Up in Eastern Colorado.

6: Handsome Studio Lamps.

7: George Nelson Bubble Lamp.

8: Fiesta Ware Water Pitcher. Mint!

9: Kiln, used half a dozen times.

10: 60's Italian Resin Nesting Tables.

The sale is from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and that's it. No earlybirds, please! Visit the Facebook event page for an even longer list.

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