It's the first day of Spring: Celebrate with Denver's top five parks

Officially today, March 21st, is the first day of Spring. It certainly feels like Spring outside, although this is far from the first day it's been like this. Ah, the magic of Colorado. Regardless, if you're looking to breathe deeply while standing in a field or throw a frisbee to your dog or whatever, we've got the best places in Denver to do it. 5. Four Mile Historic Park Technically a shared space with the city of Glendale, Four Mile is not the best picnic park in the world. It is, however, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of old-timey frontier life, made especially thought-provoking by its proximity to so many hi-rises, strip clubs and big box stores.

4. Sloan Lake Park Site of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, Sloan Lake is the most impressive body of water in the metro area. The park itself is spacious and offers one of the more underrated views of the downtown skyline.

3. Confluence Park At the junction of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, Confluence Park offers a quintessential Denver experience. It's the ceremonial founding spot of the city, and where else could you find kayakers and creek-wading families setting up on the grass just a couple blocks from the urban center of a major city?

2. City Park The largest and most tourist-friendly park in Denver, City Park also has some of the most impressive amenities: handball and plenty of tennis courts, the Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science, and more field space than any rec league could use. And, of course, the most iconic view of the city. Where would we get our postcards without City Park?

1. Washington Park The most consistently active park in the city, Wash Park always feels like a vibrant part of the community. Whether you're a marathoner or an amateur hot dog enthusiast, you can find plenty of space to do whatever sort of outdoor activity you want here. With three lakes (alright, only two really count), gardens and an exceptionally user-friendly layout, Wash Park is Denver's Springtime crowning jewel.

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