Jason Heller on The Time Travelers Almanac

If there's one thing science-fiction writers love as much as exploring space and meeting aliens, it's traveling back in time and screwing things up. From H.G. Wells to the recent reboot of Star Trek, time travel is one of the genre's most well-explored tropes, but authors keep finding new ways to spin it. The brand-new anthology The Time Traveler's Almanac encapsulates that storied history, collecting almost seventy tales of altered timelines and unresolved paradoxes from across the trope's history, from its roots to its latest twists. To celebrate the book's release, three local contributors -- Jason Heller, Connie Willis and Carrie Vaughn -- will be signing and reading from the book, as well as discussing what makes time travel so special, this Sunday, March 23 at the Broadway Book Mall. In advance of that event, we caught up with Jason Heller to talk about his contribution to the book and what makes time travel such an enduring favorite.

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