Director Sean S.J. Jordan's Teddy Boy will screen at a cancer fundraiser.
Director Sean S.J. Jordan's Teddy Boy will screen at a cancer fundraiser.
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J.S. Jourdan's Teddy Boy Premieres Monday at Cancer Fundraiser

The fear of losing your child or another loved one is a theme explored by two Colorado filmmakers in new films screening Monday, August 31, at the Sie FilmCenter — and for a good cause: The Rocky Mountain Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Sean J.S. Jourdan’s Teddy Boy explores a bereft couple's loss of a son and what happens when a young man resembling their dearly departed turns all of their lives upside down — all while offering a nod to Polanski's Knife in the Water and good ol' Hitchcock. In Miguel Silveira's short, Devil's Work, a fourteen-year-old boy investigating his father’s death discovers the deadly role of depleted uranium in ammunition.

The fundraiser will feature both directors and will be hosted film critic/educator Howie Movshovitz. “The connection between the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society chapter and Teddy Boy is not direct, but it’s personal.” says director Jourdan. “Howie’s daughter, Zoe, who is a dear friend, is in remission for leukemia. So is my younger brother. Additionally, the owner of the beautiful mid-century modern home we filmed in (located in Bow Mar) —  his daughter is also in remission for leukemia. It is something that has touched many of us,  and scared us tremendously.”
“Additionally, Howie, Zoe, Miguel, and I all work together for the Telluride Film Festival in the education department,” Jourdan continues. “As our team gathers together in preparation for the film festival, we thought it might be nice to have a screening of our films for a cause that we all could definitely rally behind.”

On Monday night, you can see two fresh Colorado films and also offer a middle finger to the big C — cancer, not cinema.

Devil's Work, followed by Teddy Boy screens at 7:30 p.m. Monday, August 31, at the Sie FilmCenter. Tickets are $11 and $7 for Film Society Members; for tickets and more, go to denverfilm.org.

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