Jumpin Jammerz, Ryan Gosling and the magic of the internet

Jumpin Jammerz, a brand of footy-pajamas for adults, is currently the number one Google search in the United States. At its peak, earlier this morning, people were searching for Jumpin Jammerz at a faster rate than people were searching for Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration.

Now, this appears to have started because Ryan Gosling made a big show about them on Ellen recently, giving one to every member of the audience and donning the jammerz himself. But the volume is just ridiculously high, and the weird thing is this happens every year around this time.

The video from the Ellen show has only hit the internet in the past couple hours -- after the search hit number one. When we first noticed the trend earlier this morning, there were exactly zero Google "news" posts written in the past twelve hours about the pajamas. Right now there are nine. There have been 238 blog posts written in the past hour on the subject. Two hundred thirty-eight!

Most the news stories and many of the blog posts are written as though the writer just got off the phone with Anna Wintour and she gave them the exclusive scoop on the hot new trend for the season. Because the Ellen video didn't get online until after the search trend had peaked (thanks, Twitter), most of the early posts don't mention that part at all. You see things like "very popular this winter season." No one seems to have noticed that: a) this is based on a tongue-in-cheek endorsement from Ryan Gosling and b) again, this happens every year, which means it can hardly be considered a new trend. If anyone knows why this company gets this bump every year, let us know in the comments. Do they get themselves a high profile celebrity endorsement every January or something?

The best part of this: Jumpin Jammerz actually appears to be a terrible company! The web site Pissed Consumer is full of reports of wrong orders, bad products being shipped and falsely advertised promotions. Amazon consumers are only slightly less indignant. So: If you're thinking about buying a pair because its suddenly plastered all over the internet, don't. Jumpin Jammerz are a bunch of bullshit.

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