Justin Bieber the Kurt Cobain of his generation? Probably not, but the internetz are astir

It's no secret that the interwebs hate Justin Bieber -- after all, it was basically 4chan (really NSFW, that link) that sent the phrase "Justin Bieber syphilis" to the top of Google searches a couple of months ago. The hate is understandable, perhaps, or at least predictable. However good Bieber could possibly be -- and really, he's not that bad -- with his teenybopper heartthrob schtick, his ridiculous LEGO-man hair and a name like Bieber, he's pretty much a walking target for basement-dwelling neck-beards. Today, Bieber provoked the ire of those neck-beards anew -- though in reality, he probably had nothing to do with it.

First, here's the quote that was -- probably falsely -- attributed to the young Bieber: "I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation, but people just don't understand me." The quote appeared this morning on Bieber Report, a site apparently devoted entirely to, um, reporting about Justin Bieber, accompanied by the headline "Justin Bieber speaks, compares himself to Kurt Cobain," and a photo of Bieber, and that was it.

As far as anyone can tell, Bieber Report, which earlier this month published another Beebs-attributed quote that was confirmed phony, was the only source -- although the first quote was more benign. A comparison of oneself to Kurt Cobain -- whoever you are, let alone Justin Bieber -- is probably not going to go over well with anyone, so it seems strange that a site evidently devoted to fandom of the Beebs would in effect libelously attribute an inflammatory quote to the Beebs. But whatever.

Meanwhile, 4chan went nuts with indignation at the discovery, with a heavy flow of WTF-style reposts this morning, and then later with more advanced trolls trolling the "n00bs" by posting the quote and defending Bieber, which, for a short while, provoked the indignation anew, until everybody figured out that everybody was trolling everybody. Which is pretty much how it always ends up.

In other news, anon went after Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, who just launched a signature guitar with Gibson, by going to Gibson's site and posting en-masse negative reviews of the guitar, collectively bringing its rating down to a 1.9. And elsewhere, Fox News in Tulsa, Oklahoma, got on the San Luis Obispo train by issuing parents a warning, in all seriousness, about pedobear, the adorably pervy mascot 4chan uses to make fun of pervs who lurk 4chan.

It was a good day for trolling.

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