Kaboom is this week's most ridiculous movie trailer

Take a random assortment of cult classics involving teenagers -- let's say, oh, Brick, My So-Called Life and anything by Joss Whedon -- roll them all together into the space of a little over two minutes and you might have something like the trailer for Kaboom -- which is not to say that that mix sounds unappealing. In fact, it's all very tempting, kind of like a big wad of cotton candy on a stick is tempting. But like the neon sugar rush that results from it, this trailer packs so much visual deliciousness in so little time that you come away feeling assaulted, spent and a little nauseated.

The rampant sexuality, the wry best friend, the mile-a-minute pop culture references, the smoking hot mid-twenty-somethings cast rather unbelievably as precocious teenagers, the undercurrent of surrealism -- it all adds up to a promising soup, kind of like if Rian Johnson and the producers of the U.K. version of Skins teamed up to remake Donnie Darko (which the trailer is self-aware enough to overtly reference). Which sounds great, but man, this trailer hits more notes than that rising swell of violins that happens when the suspense of something impending is about to come to a head -- which is precisely the spot, incidentally, at right about 2:01, where this trailer gets, like, what?

It might be appropriate to the subject matter to compare this trailer to one of those early college nights of all-out, hedonistic binge-drinking: At first, it's got a nice, mellow buzz on. Then it starts slurring its speech and doing the table-dance with the lampshade. Right about in the middle, it starts getting the spins, but it's too young and brash to know when to stop, and so it keeps going until, finally, it all comes back up, messy, embarrassing and, in a weird way, thrilling. And even though it's overwhelming, you don't regret it for a second.

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