Kate Moss Flops for Topshop

This is the capstone of Kate's collection. Collective disappointment ensues.

Cat’s apparently been napping this week, as she missed the big launch of Kate Moss’s new line for British Topshop. Yep, the girl who defines heroin chic – even after rehab for coke – now has her own collection. She joins the ranks of such luminaries as J.Simp, Madonna (whose effort for H&M was no Immaculate Collection, though Cat would love to see the cheap Swedish retailer come to Denver), Sarah Jessica Parker and others trying to extend their “brand.”

View the entire collection.

The difference with Kate’s designer turn? She modeled all of her pieces on things already hanging in her closet. Now you, too, can be Kate. Um, yeah, don’t we all wish. Seriously, nobody can be Kate. Kate can hardly be Kate anymore, though Cat will fully admit that she’s looking better than she has in years, all glowy and happy and thin as opposed to emaciated, pasty and sullen.

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Amy Haimerl