Katt Williams: Follow a man who was arrested for intimidating someone on a tractor

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We're going to go ahead and believe the hype -- Katt Williams is officially back. After a self-imposed seclusion from the spotlight for more than three years (save for that time he allegedly abducted a teenager and was also later arrested for intimidating a man on a tractor), Williams appeared in San Francisco this past weekend and performed for a stunned and excited crowd.

We couldn't be more pumped that the comedian is perhaps officially back, and what a better way to celebrate than to comb Twitter for the weed-laced nuggets of his Pimp Chronicles'-inspired wisdom we so much enjoy?

However, while there is only one Twitter-verified Katt Williams account, there are several fake profiles that are equally funny. Actually, scratch that. One of these bogus Katts is not only a seemingly more accurate representation of the comedian's on-stage humor, it is also funnier that Williams' genuine tweets. So in the spirit of funny shit, we give you the "Katt Mother Fucking Williams Official (PARODY ACCOUNT) Dammit Follow Me I Stay High As The Sun low As The Dirt" Twitter highlights.

Debunking the planking phenomenon with one single tweet, kake Katt expresses what we've been thinking all along: It just means you're in a sleeping position. Thankfully, this trend, as it were, seems to be over. How and why it became a thing, we may never know -- and much like Katt probably feels, we DGAF. While fake Katt may be focusing this statement on those he deems to be ghetto-ass people, we would like to extend this generalization to include white trash, college kids and anyone who has ever been a fan of collecting the worst kind of movie and sports memorabilia ever produced. Though, in giant-cup collectors' defense, where else can you buy something to drink out of that holds 64 ounces of Mr. Pibb? With this single tweet, we are reminded why we love Katt Williams, er, fake Katt Williams: He's just like Garfield. Like our favorite fictional cat, it is his simple statements that ring the truest. Just replace donuts and lasagna with weed and cereal, and Garfield and Katt are basically the same guy.

We also have a fake Twitter account that is funnier than our real Twitter account. Follow @WestwordCulture right now!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.