Kentucky Claus & the Rebel Elves opens tonight at Denver's Dangerous Theatre

This year's holiday play at Denver's Dangerous Theatre has everything you could ever want to see: rednecks, guns, cussing, sex, violence, intrigue -- and an angel in his underwear. Kentucky Claus & the Rebel Elves, which opens tonight, is an hour and 45 minutes of backwoods insanity, starting with six brothers whose Christmas isn't turning out to be so bright and cheery: Their truck won't start, there's a blizzard, and the eggnog is snowed in the shed. With no way to pick up their girlfriends -- and their Christmas supper -- they take to the woods in search of something to shoot for dinner, and end up popping a cap in jolly old St. Nick.

With a slutty Mrs. Claus and an ass-kicking elf thrown into the mix, this production is a welcome change from the traditionally saccharine holiday play.

"I guarantee this will be the only holiday play offered in Denver with a gun rack in the set, and please note that no live animals are harmed in this production," says director Winnie Wenglewick.

The play stars Alex Wu, Ben Hauth, Ryan Danielson, Uri Talmor, Colin Swan, Norrell Moore, Brittany Lacour and John Warman and Devin Jamroz as "Boon."

Kentucky Claus & the Rebel Elves will be presented at 7 p.m. every Friday and Saturday evening until December 30 (there are no performances on December 24 and 25), with Sunday matinees at 3 p.m. (matinees are limited cabaret-style seating and include an appetizer buffet). Tickets are $20 ($5 discount for students, military with ID, seniors over 62 and Colorado Theater Guild Members).

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