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Kevin O'Brien on the These Things Matter podcast and Mile High Sci Fi

Pop culture is important. We spend our time and money on it, litter our speech with quotes from it, and our lives are shaped by it. That's the premise of These Things Matter, a new podcast created by local comedian Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda. Of course, for all the importance of pop culture, we also spend a hell of a lot of time making fun of it, because so much of it is ludicrous. The film-riffing comedians of Mile High Sci-Fi have made an art of that. And now those two forces will come together: These Things Matter invited Mile High Sci-Fi co-founder Harrison Rains to talk about B movies on the podcast, and then O'Brien will join Rains for this month's MHSF feature Raw Deal at the Denver FilmCenter/Colfax at 9:30 p.m. tonight.

Before the show, we sat down to talk to O'Brien about the podcast, Arnold Schwarzenegger and fulfilling a lifelong ambition to make fun of movies for a live audience.

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