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Kevin O'Brien on the These Things Matter podcast and Mile High Sci Fi

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Westword: Your podcast is called These Things Matter, which is a quote from High Fidelity, right?

Yeah, from probably the most important scene in High Fidelity.

What does that mean to you and why did you choose to name your podcast after it?

It started out [with] my friend Taylor [Gonda] and I at the Grawlix comedy show. We were just hanging out and I just noticed we had really neat chemistry when we bullshitted about things we liked. We both had very strong feelings [that] we related to the character of Rob Gordon quite a bit. So when we decided to do a podcast together, we batted around names and that one I think was the second one we came up with. It's like the whole essence of the podcast is just what he says in that quote, that it's not what you're like, it's what you like, and he points out that books, records, music, these things matter. So for us, that whole thing was like, "well these are the things that matter to us, so that's what we should name the show."

And your tagline is "Pop Culture, autobiographically." What's that about?

Yeah, Taylor came up with that. That kind of comes from a scene in High Fidelity, too, where he rearranges his records and he tells Dick he's doing it autobiographically. That's kind of the throughline of the show, is that so much of the things we talk about are based on our own experiences, which kind of separates it from other pop culture podcasts. Instead of just [saying] this is what's good and bad, we relate it to things that have been good and bad in our lives, and how these things that we love in music and movies kind of remind of us those moments.

Walk us through a typical episode of the podcast

A lot of it depends on the topic we're talking about and who the guest is. A lot of the things will be the same in every episode, like I'll go on long-winded, half-amusing diatribes about pop culture, Taylor will point out some nuance and be the ombudsman of the show, and kind of redirect if we're getting too far off topic. Those things are always there every show, but if you were to listen to the episode we did with Sam Tallent where we talked all about the road, because he's been touring in bands and as a comic for years, it's going to have a completely different feel than the episode we did with Harrison [Rains] where we talked about B movies. It's going to be a little bit different every time, but the things that will always be there will be me being a snarky smartass, Taylor being charming and laughing through the entire episode. And whoever our guest is hopefully being funny or insightful or something like that.

Is there anything else you want to share about the podcast before we talk about Mile High Sci Fi?

This podcast has definitely been pretty much been everything I wanted to do with a podcast. The format of it and my initial idea and everything has changed, and that pretty much comes from Taylor. She's a former theater director and sop she has a really great vision of how to make things palatable to an audience. She has definitely been ... I cannot imagine having a better co-host for the show. Also this is the most unique thing I've done pertaining to comedy in a while. it's been great. It's been invigorating. It can be frustrating from time to time when it comes to booking guests, but this is the most amount of fun I've had doing anything in performance in months, for sure.

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