Keystone Loves Mother’s Nature

Keystone is typically one of the first ski mountains to open nationwide, and now it’s pushing for its earliest summer opening date ever, despite getting spring snow as recently as two weeks ago. But that contrast is exactly what Summer Remix is all about.

Lay down a nice leisurely line on the links at the River Course to start things off, then ride the gondola to the summit of Dercum Mountain for Hawaiian-themed tiki huts, tunes, and T-shirt tubing at Adventure Point ($29), where the remains of this year's Kidtopia Snow Fort left enough leftovers to make way for the state's only summer snow-tubing hill. Drop down through the Keystone Bike Park ($25) for a white-knuckle singletrack cycling season warmup, then grab a free snow cone at Gondola Plaza in between laps through the Rail Park Remix ski and snowboard terrain park on Flying Dutchman ($12 for pass-holders, $20 for non-passholders) to make the mix complete.

"We've definitely had a mixed-up weather season this year, and we've had to do some work to move some snow around to get ready for summer," says Keystone spokesman Ryan Whaley. "I had fresh snow outside my office last week when we opened the golf course, and I half expect we'll be mountain biking through snowstorms and sunburning ourselves in shorts and T-shirts on Memorial Day. We've decided to embrace the unpredictability of it all and make the most of it."

Most events kick off at 10 a.m. and run through the three-day weekend. For more information, visit
Sat., May 29, 2010

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Colin Bane
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