Kristin Rand's Freak Show kicks off Funny Final Four tomorrow at Comedy Works

Everyone loves a contest, and it's no different in the world of comedy. The Comedy Works' Funny Final Four, which has four teams compete for top honors over a period of weeks, is a case in point: It's so popular it keeps coming back, year after year.

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Each team features a captain and a dozen up-and-coming comics, with a headlining ringer or two for good measure; this year's first installment showcases Ladyface funny girl Kristin Rand and her Freak Show, including hopefuls Heather Snow, Jordan Wieleba, Tim Coleman, Elliot Woolsey, Tim Messenger, Jen Luna, Will White, Connor Marshall and Christie Buchele, with headliners Nora Lynch and Ben Roy. The cherry on top? Audience members are chosen to judge the madness each week, and that could mean you.

Funny Final Four's first round kicks off tomorrow at 8 p.m., and continues weekly on Wednesdays until one team is left standing; for tickets in advance, $12, go to the Comedy Works website or call 303-595-3637.

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