Lakeside, we love you: Bright lights and magic at the Summer Scream (photos)

It's true that, as a kid, you generally have occasion to go to amusement parks more often, but it's not until you are an adult that you get to go to them and drink booze -- and that makes all the difference. Well, arguably the booze is just a way to temporarily forget the pain of adulthood so that you can can for a few fleeting moments suck some enjoyment out of your depressing life... but let's just forget about that. The point is that, on the right night, with the right people, for the right reasons, with just the exact right amount of cheap beer, life can be magical again. And at last night's Summer Scream at Lakeside, put on by the Denver Film Center's Reel Social Club, it was. We sent photographer Stephen Cummings and reporter Bree Davies to catalog the good times; she filed a report earlier today, and he brings back these photos.

See the full slide-show!

See the full slide-show! See the full slide-show!

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