Last Night: A Dana Cain toy party at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Seems like a day doesn't go by when I'm not writing something about Dana Cain, my favorite event coordinator, art collector, sci-fi and pop-culture geek, '60s freak and frivolous idea machine. It's as if she microchipped my brain one night as I lay sleeping and can read on her computer my deepest likes and dislikes. And then she twists the delicious knife and comes up with yet another event that speaks to me as if it were created for my sole pleasure. Yeah, but that's okay. A cultural soulmate like this I can live with. So, anyway, last night at the charming Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, a sweet little show of favorite toys from Dana's collection opened, and I went to gawk and gab. How did she know that I like toys, too? Dana was dressed for the occasion in sweeping black gown and an ultra-kitschy plastic dinosaur necklace she'd purchased from Chasing Rainbows at Brandi Shigley's recent Mystique fashion market. How did she know I love plastic dinosaurs? And her toys! They threw me into a retro revelry from which I haven't yet emerged. Here's what I saw. And keep in mind that this is only a smidgen of what Dana Cain actually owns.

See Dana Cain's Favorite Toys through December. The museum is at 1880 Gaylord Street and open Wednesdays through Sundays; admission is $4 to $6. Call 303-322-1053. And catch Dana's Toy & Doll Collectors Supershow October 24 at the Ramada Plaza Convention Center, I-25 & 120th Avenue in Northglenn.

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