Last Weekend: Scenes From The Fabric Lab

Last Weekend: Scenes From The Fabric Lab

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Cat missed the MADE event at The Fabric Lab on Saturday night – she resprained her ankle and was thus out of commission -- but luckily The Cat's Pajamas contributor Drew Bixby was on hand to send over photos and a missive of his thoughts:

It’s difficult to measure the success of local, DIY fashion, art or music events and parties -- “gee,” organizers say while cleaning up, “it seemed like a lot of people were here and having a good time” -- but if you’re Josh and Tran Wills of The Fabric Lab, you just count the number of PBR cans left from the original five hundred. And while the FabLab probably didn’t blow through fifteen cases of PBR, Izze soda or Monster energy drink (all sponsors) at the MADE open house (like they did at last month’s Colfax fashion show), it certainly doesn’t mean the Wills should hang their heads. No, as a thunderstorm began showing its teeth outside and DJ Postman (aka Marc Hughes, who doubled as a featured MADE designer of Team Evil) played Internet-ripped mashups of The Postal Service and “Hard Knock Life,” dozens of people shuffled in and out of the narrow corridor of the FabLab at any given moment, drink in hand, and celebrated Denver’s newest and most accessible couture. Outside, open-housers sat on couches, smoked and watched two Arabic dudes in military fatigues try to offer them leftover Mexican grub and convince them of their recent discharge from the Navy SEALS.

Yeah, right, guys.

Meanwhile, inside designers mingled, flirted and pimped their wares while Denver’s DIY supporters and scene-conscious celebrated something else – enough room to turn around without spilling someone’s drink. The eve may have been quiet in comparison to previous events, but celebration was still in high demand.

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