Last Weekend: The Denver Modernism Show revisited, part two

Trust me, you don't have to be a boomer to love the

Denver Modernism Show

, but you do have to have a certain sense of style. During my sojourn there last Friday and Saturday, I saw people of all ages, from WWII-era grannies to babes in backpacks. But I also saw art! And lamps! And Airstream trailers! Here's a nostalgic look back on what we all saw (or missed, as the case may be, you poor thing). Continue after the jump.

Welcome to the Den of Iniquity, er, Tiki Bar!
Airstream tours, classic cruiser bikes and scooters

Classy glass!
And dishes, too...
Electronics of the future...
And Vintage Voltage.

Last but not least: The charming Charles Phoenix hawking Cherpumple demos in the Test Kitchen.

Sigh. That should keep us all going until next year. But in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled in 2011 for these new Dana Cain events: The Denver Style Expo, April 1-2 at the Denver Merchandise Mart, and the ultra-urban Denver County Fair, next summer at the National Western Complex.

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